Surveyor Video Clip

Al Bean and Pete Conrad remove the Surveyor III TV camera with boltcutters

Painting Completed 2000
19 x 24 1/2 inches, Textured Acrylic on Aircraft Board

Here we are at Surveyor III. I am holding the television camera as Pete uses bolt cutters to clip the metal support tubes. As he works on this last support, I will insure that I don't get my gloves in the way of the cutter blades. The TV camera was selected because it had a variety of components manufactured from different materials. This will give engineers an opportunity to see how these components withstood the rigors of space for almost three years.

There goes the last support... I must be careful that I don't drop the camera or rub off too much dust. And careful too that I don't punch my suit with the sharp ends of the support tubes as I put the camera inside the carrying bag attached to Pete's backpack.

Next, Pete and I will work together to salvage a length of camera cable and several sections of metal tubing. As a special surprise bonus we plan to snip off the scoop, complete with some dirt inside.

After the mission, Pete remarked, "So we went about our business just the way we practiced it at Cape Kennedy. We cut the metal support tubes that held the TV camera with hardly any effort at all." I recalled, "Lifting the television camera seemed so easy, and it wasn't difficult to operate on the 12-degree slope either. There was no tendency to slip down." As we moved away, up and out of Surveyor Crater, we had even more than we came for. It felt so... so... good.