Pete and Me

Al is reflected in Pete's visor.  Pete's checklist is open to a picture of a Playboy Playmate

Painting Completed 1983
28 x 20 inches, Acrylic on Masonite

Of all the astronauts who have ever put on a space suit, Pete Conrad is my absolute favorite. He is the best seat-of-the-pants man I have ever known. His instincts are usually right, he stays on course, and he always gives his best shot.

On the flight of Apollo 12, he knew when to hustle and when to slow down and enjoy the view. Right now, Pete is taking my photograph with his chest-mounted Hasselblad camera. We used the camera mostly for scientific documentation; but, as often as we could think of it, we also used it as tourists in a strange and wonderful world.

We had a cuff-mounted checklist to tell us what we were to do next and to keep us on time. We had developed and refined the checklist as we used it almost daily during the long, pre-flight training period. I recall turning the page about 3 hours into my first moonwalk, and there was a Playboy centerfold complete with a caption completely apropos to what I should be doing at that time. Knowing there were some people on Earth who wouldn't see the humor of these little additional illustrations, I said nothing over the radio, but hopped over to Pete and gave him a look. He laughed and said nothing but pointed to his checklist, too. Our backup crew of Dave Scott and Jim Irwin hadn't forgotten either of us.