Influenced by the works of French impressionist Claude Monet (1840-1926), who is his favorite painter, Bean has developed his very own style and he is still looking for new impressionistic interpretations of his lunar motifs (below). The series of paintings entitled 'Cernan, Gnomon and Crater' (right) provides examples of his search for colors that he can use 'while still making the Moon look like itself'.

Lajos Markos, a reknown Hungarian-born portrait painter and painter of historical subjects, particularly of the American West, stated shortly before his death in 1993: "If I could own one painting of Bean or (one by) another - let's say from Monet or Manet - I would prefer Alan Bean."

(Above) 'Cernan, Gnomon, and Crater' (1998);
(Left) 'Were We Giraffes or Gazelles?' (2004)

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