We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Pete and Al start the EVA-2 traverse

Painting Completed
November 2010
16 1/2  x  22 inches, Textured Acrylic With Moondust On Aircraft Plywood

It's another sunny day, and the spotlight-bright Sun is little higher in the black sky. Pete is on his way to Head Crater as we begin our second moonwalk on the Ocean of Storms. If all goes well, we will complete one of our primary objectives--visiting the Surveyor III unmanned spacecraft that landed on the Moon 31 months earlier. We have a lot of geology to do before circling back around to the Surveyor. We plan to gather as much data as we can, using the techniques our geology instructors taught us back on planet Earth. We have a very tight timeline and our CapCom, Ed Gibson, is working hard to keep us on time and on track.

Pete and I were always mindful that we were a part of a team of very talented and dedicated professionals and friends who may have never met each other, but worked together to make our Apollo 12 mission to the Moon possible. There was NASA management and Mission Control, along with many scientists, engineers, technicians, and contractors. Some provided the direction, while others designed and built our launch vehicle, spacecraft, space suits and equipment. Still others developed the software, techniques and procedures that enabled us to make a pinpoint landing just 600 feet from Surveyor III.

In developing the idea for this painting, my friend David Senechal sent me several ideas as a starting point. As we went back and forth through emails and phone calls, the concept became better and more refined to the point where I felt we had the basic framework of a great painting.

Exploration, and sometimes even painting, is a team sport. NASA had fielded a talented and dedicated team to do the job right. Pete and I were so proud and humble to be part of this incredible world-class NASA team.


Editors' note: In 2012, Alan modified the painting along the line of the right shoulder near the LEVA. We replaced the original with the modified version in April 2012.