Hello Universe

Reaching Out

Painting Completed 2002
24 x 44 inches, Textured Acrylic on Aircraft Plywood

Here we all are, humans of planet Earth, standing on our only moon, greeting the universe. Getting there wasn't easy; in fact, it took about four hundred thousand of us giving our best efforts. It was, and is, one of the great accomplishiments of qur civilization to send humans away from our planet, our only home for the last few million years or so, to another world. None could do it alone but all believed that together we could find a way to achieve this seemingly impossible dream.

This was our first baby step towards worlds beyond our own, and we are proud of it. Nevertheless, this journey is the best we humans can make right now. Our technology is cutting edge, almost science fiction, and it allows us to do things we would not dare to even dream a few brief years ago. But compared with the vast distances to planets and stars, our moon is right next door. Still, the future has a way of coming in its own time, bringing with is improved propulsion systems, newfangled robotics, refreshed optimism, and other impossible dreams to believe in. Someday, when the time is right, we will be ready to continue our noble quest to expand humanity's reach.

When we do, one question will be uppermost in our minds: is the universe teaming with life or are we hiumans all alone? Either answer will be a profound one. But we will have to wait, for our children and our children's children to continue the search, each succeeding generation moving a little farther out, discovering more answers, and more questions.

The universe awaits our audacious human spirit. Be patient.. ..We're coming.